PFU succeeds in broadcasting a real-time 'live' transmission of the 33rd Osaka International Women's Marathon using 4K60P video

PFU Limited (the president: Kiyoshi Hasegawa, the Tokyo head office: Saiwai-ku, Kawasaki-shi), in collaboration with Kansai Telecasting Corporation (KTV) succeeded in the transmission of the 4K uncompressed, ultra-high-definition-video over the IP network for the 33rd Osaka International Women's Marathon by using PFU's video transmission device "QoolTornado QG70".

The video transmission of the live viewing for the 2014 Osaka International Women's Marathon, which was held on January 26, 2014 and used the QoolTornado QG70 featuring an uncompressed IP video transmission.

The QoolTornado QG70 converts the 4K 60P video image into IP packets image which is transmitted from the camera in the Nagai athletic field to KTV headquarters through the two 10Gbps's Fiber Optical Ethernet lines provided by K-Opticom Corporation and showed the transmitted images by the 16 multi-visions display at the atrium open space in its building.

In parallel, it succeeded in the transmission of the 4K lossless uncompressed, ultra-high-definition-video in real-time from KTV Headquarters to Nagai athletic field using the high speed IP network.

This is a good case study which highlights the successful transmission utilizing the existing commercial use network. It is expected that demand will increase for high-definition video transmission over IP Networks in the future.

PFU continues to provide 4K broadcast supported products and services, to the Professional Video solutions marketplace and will continue its verification tests for variety of environments in the near future.

About QoolTornado QG70

The product QoolTornado QG70 is designed for the Professional Video solutions marketplace. It enables video transmissions using uncompressed HD to uncompressed 4K/8K over a high speed IP Network "10Gbps". The QoolTornado QG70 supports an IP Network but also a base-band video system by connecting SDI cable(s).

The QG70 is a small, lightweight box that can be hand carried and has a simple user interface on its front panel LCD interface. The QoolTornado QG70 can be deployed and used outside from field locations, remote studios, post production offices associated with broadcast stations, an event venue or within the healthcare marketplace.

The transmission of the 33rd Osaka Ladies Marathon proves that PFU's QoolTornado QG70 can work successfully utilizing the public Network for transmitting a real-time 'live' broadcasting event in 4K over IP.

It has been well received from KTV and other participants for the joint verification test. The QoolTornado QG70, even though it is quite compact, offers high quality, low latency, bi-directional transmission with preview functions that are available during all transmissions.