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Video Transmission
QG70 brings the IP network into video for superior speed and realism.

QG70 provides ultra-high-Definition realtime IP video transmission from field locations and remote studios, from post-production offices associated with broadcast stations, and between syndicated broadcast stations, all with content preview included.
Breathtaking live video can be delivered in realtime for any location and purpose, such as performances, medical presentations, and more.



Plenty of features fit in a small box that can be hand-carried anywhere.

  • High-speed IP network (10Gbps) transmits uncompressed video up to 4K
  • Multiple video streams can be transferred simultaneously
  • Ancillary (ANC) data is transmitted in all HD signals
  • Tandem operation provides up to nK uncompressed video transmission
  • Is compatible with non-linear editing (NLE) systems and playout systems
  • Works with baseband systems

Simple, efficient user interface

  • Front LCD panel has menu buttons for configuration and information
  • Preview button allows preview of video content being forwarded and selected


Input / Output Qty Connector Description Note
Video signal IN 4 BNC75Ω Video signal IN HD-SDI : SMPTE292M
OUT 4 BNC75Ω Video signal OUT
Network interface 10GbE 1 LC Connector (SFP+) Video IP data IN / OUT IEEE 802.3ae
GbE 1 RJ45 Network for management IEEE 802.3ab
Reference IN 1 BNC75Ω Synchronization signal IN BB : SMPTE170M
TRI : Tri-level sync
Control OUT 1 BNC75Ω Synchronization signal OUT
Remote Control 8 RJ45
(Converted to DSUB9 female with cables attached)
Monitor OUT 1 BNC75Ω Copy one of the four video signal inputs HD-SDI : SMPTE292M
GPS IN 1PPS 1 BNC50Ω 1-second cycle pulse
signal IN
TTL, LVTTL, Sine wave
10MHz 1 BNC50Ω 10MHz signal IN
Frame sync IN 1 DSUB9 male Frame number signal IN RS232C
OUT 1 DSUB9 male Frame number signal OUT

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