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Introduction to SharePoint® Linking

Bring information from your paper documents to new levels of utilization!
Experience huge advances in office efficiency and productivity!!

The digitalization of information from paper documents has become a key issue in today's business organizations, where internal control and compliance have become a must. PFU has systemized the handling of information from paper documents, and from that brought the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity to clients and their businesses.

We would like to show you how seamless linking between our image scanners and Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server would bring unified management and utilization of paper documents to your business.


fi Series

fi Series
PFU's fi-Series bundled ScandAll PRO now has linking functionality with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server, thereby allowing simple input of indexing data to scanned images. With this function you can smoothly and efficiently manage business documents.

ScanSnap Series

ScanSnap S1500
Linking to Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server with our ScanSnap Series has been made a reality. Now you can easily enter various documents for sharing and viewing into a neat and compact management system.