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Fujitsu scanner based imaging solutions meet any business' digitizing needs.

PFU TimeStamp Service Image Scanner RakuRaku Library Smart

Imaging Products


Image Scanner fi-Series

PFU's broad line-up of Fujitsu brand "fi-Series" document scanners includes a model that meets any business' digitizing needs.

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Color Image Scanner ScanSnap

PFU's Fujitsu brand ScanSnap sheet-fed scanner speedily and easily digitizes large volumes of paper with the touch of a single button!

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RakuRaku Library Smart allows you to manage, view, and edit data as if you are handling actual binders in a bookshelf.

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Image Scanner SharePoint® Linkage

Please visit PFU's SharePoint Linkage portal site for more details on using the fi-Series and ScanSnap with SharePoint®.

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