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PFU contributes to our customers' business and development of society by realizing the full potential of ICT.

In recent years, the development of revolutionary technology and tools such as IoT and AI has brought about digital transformation; a brand-new era in which ICT supports the enrichment of modern society. In today's world, people use a variety of ICT services in their everyday lives without even realizing it, and as a result enjoy “smart” lifestyles and work environments.
With this trend, the expectations of the public toward ICT rise continually higher, as does the demand for increasingly sophisticated and diverse ICT services.
In the ever-evolving field of ICT, our mission is to realize the full potential of ICT, and to continue to contribute to the lives of our customers and to society. In the rushing tide of change, we continue to strive to provide superior products and value through repeated trial and error.
With our abiding belief "remaining true to our principles and acting in good faith" in mind, we continue to take on new challenges free from existing methods.
We promise to make further efforts for our customers and for the development of a safe, secure and comfortable society.